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Greene County Adds Historic Church Registry

A new registry has been formed for historic churches in Greene County.

KSMU's Christy Hendricks explains how churches can be added to the historic site registry.

The Greene County Historic Sites Board has established a historic church building registry.

The board will accept nominations for church buildings or church organizations over 100 years old outside of Springfield in Greene County.

Louise Jackson is the chair of the Greene County Historic Sites Board.

She says churches served as the central gathering place for early communities.

Jackson says registration is an on-going process and that anyone can nominate a church for the registry as long as it meets requirements.

Louise Jackson says a church organization older than 100 years old can be nominated as well.

She says the organization does not have to be associated with a historical church building.

Jackson says the historic sites board helps identify, preserve, and protect the history of the community.

At least 44 sites have been named to the Greene County Historic Site Register.

That includes schools, churches, houses, cemeteries, and caves.

Those sites named to the Greene County Historic Site Register receive a sign and formal proclamation from the county commission.

For information about nominating a church for the Historic Church Building Registry call the Greene County Commission at 868-4112.