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Greene County Creating Cave Map Database

Greene County is creating a database of cave maps for first responders. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Greene County is creating a database of cave maps for first responders.

Matt Forir is a naturalist with the county and is creating the database.

The call list would include people who have training in cave rescue.

Forir says this October, there will be a rescue course to prepare people to respond to cave emergencies.

Forir says the cave database will help emergency workers identify where in a cave people could get in trouble.

Forir says he hopes to have the database up and running by the fall.

For now, the database will include caves in Greene County...But Forir says he envisions the creation of a much broader database, one that would include maps of caves all over the state.

Forir says Greene County has been fortunate to have very few cave emergencies.

But he says when the time comes to rescue someone in a cave, the database will be critical.

Just this month, a Springfield Public School student got trapped for five hours in Rockhouse Cave near Cassville in Barry County.

The boy was rescued and reportedly is doing well.

For those who do venture into caves, Matt Forir says you need the proper gear.

Forir says if you go into a cave, you should have at least two other people with you and you should let someone else know where you are going and how long you expect to be in the cave.

Forir says no one event prompted the county to begin preparing a cave map database...Forir says the county just wants to be prepared in case there is an emergency.