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Health Department Offering Express Testing for STDs


With many sexually transmitted diseases going unnoticed amongst communities, the spread of these diseases has become a serious problem. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department has introduced a new and unique way to prevent this from continuing. KSMU’s Justin Lux has the story.

The health department has implemented a new express urine test for Chlamydia and gonorrhea. The service is free and available to those who do not show any signs of a sexually transmitted disease.

Kendra Williams, who is the Administrator of Community Health and Epidemiology at the health department, says the test kits are tailored toward Chlamydia and gonorrhea for a reason.

“Chlamydia and gonorrhea nationwide are pretty much the most commonly reported sexually transmitted diseases we see,” she says.

Williams says Greene County is no different.

“Really as far as prevalence in Greene County we’re definitely concerned about that we see more Chlamydia and gonorrhea cases than we do of anything else like syphilis and HIV,” says Williams

The health department says it’s the first agency in Springfield to offer the urine testing for Chlamydia and gonorrhea. It says the urine test is proven to be less invasive, but offers the same reliability as other methods of testing.

Williams hopes that the new testing will take care of many of the issues that have plagued patients in the past.

“The ultimate goal is, again, serving the public more efficiently, as well as to identify those individuals who maybe A-symptomatic, not know they have a disease, and identify those people who actually do have an infection so that we can get that treated and prevent the spread to others,” Williams says.

The department also hopes to increase the number of clients they are able to treat. In the past, Williams says they were limited since there are only two nurses at any given time running their STD clinic.

For KSMU News, I’m Justin Lux.