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High Tech Elementary School Prepares to Open

Springfield public schools have a new technology based elementary school. David Harrison Elementary will be ready for students when school starts August 25th. KSMU’s Katie Easley got a sneak peak at the new school’s special features

Harrison Elementary is a new state of the art school that offers a program called TRACKS. This stands for Technology Rich Atmosphere Concentrating on Kids’ Success. Every classroom is equipped with smart boards and an abundance of computers.

“With the amount of technology I think the kids are going to be really engaged and interested in what we are doing. It’s just a new way of learning,” says Burleson.

That’s Amanda Burleson, first grade teacher at Harrison. Harrison’s principal Chris Mendel says the new equipment will also help teachers.

“Teachers can use computer websites to teach things such as spelling they are not dependent as much on textbooks and curriculum guides instead they have websites that they can pull up and what child would not be engaged when you have a computer sitting in front of them,” says Mendel.

Harrison, which sits on 72 acres of property, will serve students from pre-kindergarten to fourth grade. Mendel says technology isn’t the only thing that makes Harrison unique.

“One of the neatest features of Harrison is all the earth tones; you don’t see a lot of primary colors like you would normally in an elementary school. It’s very warm and there’s a cozy type feeling here,” says Mendel.

Harrison will also have two soccer fields, a play ground and a walking track outside the school.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.