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HIV Infection Rate is on the Rise in the Ozarks

The HIV infection rate is on the rise in the Ozarks and a locally-produced public service announcement aims to raise awareness about testing and prevention. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

AIDS Project of the Ozarks serves 29 counties. Lynne Meyerkord is executive director. She says the rate of new HIV cases in Southwest Missouri is on the rise.

Meyerkord says there are several reasons for the increase in cases.

Just ask Oliver Luettgenau. He and his wife are HIV positive.

They're both featured in a public service announcement that's being broadcast across the Ozarks. He says treating HIV isn't easy.

Luettgenau says he's pleased to have the opportunity through the public service announcement to raise awareness about HIV and the importance of HIV testing.

The Client Advisory Board at AIDS Project of the Ozarks came up with the idea of creating a PSA.

Joseph Irvine explains how the board decided to do a PSA.

Thanks to grant funding from the state, AIDS Project of the Ozarks will buy some prime time spots for the public service announcement beginning in July.