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How do the Ozarks' Members of Congress Feel About Iran Nuclear Deal?

The US and several allies have reached a historic deal with Iran; tighter weapons inspections in exchange for relief from economic sanctions
In this file photo, Sen. Claire McCaskill speaks to reporters during a past visit to Springfield's Transportation Management Center (Photo credit: Scott Harvey, KSMU)

The United States and several of its allies have reached a historic deal with Iran. KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson asked several Missouri members of Congress for their reactions.

Here’s the deal that was struck by negotiators: Iran will open up its nuclear facilities for deeper inspections in exchange for relief from harsh economic sanctions.  This way, the US can make sure Tehran is telling the truth that it doesn’t seek atomic weapons, and Iranians can begin importing needed food and medicine that has been blocked by punitive sanctions.

The agreement is for the next six months, during which time the parties will try to find a more permanent solution.

We asked Missouri’s two US senator and Missouri’s 7th district Congressman, Billy Long, to comment on the historic deal.

Senator Claire McCaskill responded with a statement to KSMU:

“Given Iran’s longstanding problematic rhetoric and actions, any agreement has to be pursued cautiously and with a dose of skepticism—which is why I’ll be closely monitoring the efforts of international inspectors over the next six months to ensure that Iran is living up to this agreement.”

McCaskill went on to say she’s hopeful that this agreement will provide the “breathing room” needed for a long-term deal that permanently halts Iran’s nuclear program.  She said a nuclear armed Iran remains, quote, “unacceptable” to her.

We did not hear back from Senator Roy Blunt’s office or Congressman Long’s office by deadline.

You can learn more about the deal struck with Iran by reading this NPR News report.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Davidson.