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Hulshof Visits Springfield to Outline Health Care Plan

Republican candidate for governor Kenny Hulshof was in Springfield Wednesday afternoon to outline his new health care plan. KSMU's Brett Moser reports.

With a group of Springfield medical professionals surrounding him, Hulshof announced his HealthMAX health care plan to media and some of his supporters at a local clinic.

Hulshof says HealthMAX, is a comprehensive, voluntary, plan that would provide tax incentives and health savings for low income Missourians.

The plan would work by allowing any individual, small business or employer to name HealthMAX as their health care plan. Those on the plan would then able to choose their plan based on personal needs.

Hulshof says current employer's health care plans could be implemented into the HealthMAX system. He adds that the plan would be available to all Missourians, regardless of employment or health status.

On Tuesday, Hulshof's campaign gave different amounts as to how much the plan would cost. However, Hulshof clarified the cost at his conference in Springfield.

The Democratic candidate for governor Jay Nixon has criticized Hulshof for supporting Medicaid cuts Republican lawmakers passed in recent years.

However, Hulshof contests that the days of entitlement programs like Medicaid are over and that Nixon insists on using a broken system.