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Inmates' Lawyers Ask Mo. Board Of Pharmacy To Act Before Execution

A container of pentobarbital. Missouri's execution drug isn't like this one though, which is made by a manufacturer. The state is instead relying on a compounding pharmacy to emulate the drug/Credit: Flickr/Nottingham Vet School

Lawyers representing death row inmates in Missouri filed a complaint with the state Board of Pharmacy Thursday. As St. Louis Public Radio and the Beacon’s Chris McDaniel reports, the complaint cites their investigation from earlier this week.

We previously reported that the Missouri Department of Corrections has been obtaining its execution drug from an out-of-state compounding pharmacy that isn't licensed here .

Under normal circumstances, the pharmacist could be guilty of a felony.

Attorney Joseph Luby filed the complaint with the Board of Pharmacy. He says the law requiring pharmacies to be licensed is important, especially in executions.

“If there weren’t that type of statute, then any pharmacy anywhere can simply evade the regulations of any state by moving to the least regulated state of all, and then just peddle its wares wherever it wishes to.”

We’ve asked the Missouri Board of Pharmacy to comment on the complaint, and if they will be investigating, but the Board has not yet responded.