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Jay Nixon Joins Alcohol Awareness Campaign

He may be the Democratic candidate for the Missouri governor's seat, but Jay Nixon is also taking part in another campaign. KSMU's Benjamin Fry reports on this nonpartisan cause.

Attorney General Jay Nixon wants to get the word out that providing alcohol to minors is an offense not to be taken lightly.

He's teamed up with state and national groups like the Federal Trade Commission to form the "We Don't Serve Teens" campaign.

This movement hopes to get its message out through the internet and through the offices of other attorneys general.

John Fougere is the Press Secretary to Nixon.

He says it can be easy for adults to underestimate the consequences of providing alcohol to a friend, sibling, or child who happens to be a minor.

"Sometimes you may have the attitude that, well you know kids are gonna drink so I'll just go ahead and get them some beer or whatever for them and their friends, they'll drink in my house so I can watch them and that way I feel like they're safe. But whether you do it that way or not, providing underage drinkers with alcohol is not only unsafe and irresponsible, it's also illegal," Fougere said.

Nixon's office points to research indicating that the later a person starts to drink in life, the lower their risk will be for alcohol dependence.

The office also cites surveys showing that while teens are drinking less, those who do are getting alcohol primarily from people they know.

In Missouri, the first offense for providing alcohol to minors in your home is a Class B misdemeanor which could amount to up to a $500 fine or 6 months in prison.

I'm Benjamin Fry for KSMU news.