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KSMU Profiles Local Teacher, Director and Writer Kendra Chappell

KSMU's series on artistic expression and inspiration continues with a profile of teacher, director and writer Kendra Chappell. She has been the drama teacher at Willard High School for 21 years and directs shows at Springfield Little Theater. In our third artist profile, KSMU's Jana Greer tells us more about Kendra Chappell.

Kendra Chappell's most recent artistic endeavor was directing the musical Godspell at Springfield Little Theater.

Her love for theater came as a child growing up in Kansas City. She is one of six children and says there was never a dull moment.

Chappell came to Springfield to attend Missouri State University where she double majored in theater and English, and got her masters degree in counseling. She originally wanted to be a writer and a teacher but then fell in love with theater, so she found a way to do all three. She has written several plays including two Native American shows and several children's plays. She teaches theater at Willard High School and directs shows at Springfield little theatre. She says that live performances can have a big impact on people.

She says she believes the musical Godspell brought that spark to people. The show is a modern re-telling of the Gospel of Matthew. She says she loves the show because it has a message for everyone.

Chappell says that she is always thinking about the future and doesn't know what the future holds for her.

Chappell says that she finds inspiration in everything around her.

Chappell now lives in Springfield with her husband, two children, three horses, two dogs and 2 cats.