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Lawmakers Consider Restoring Funds for Alzheimer's Research

Lawmakers debated today (Wednesday) whether to override Governor Matt Blunt's veto of funding for Alzheimer's research.

KSMU's Missy Shelton files this report from the House press gallery on the outcome of the override vote and highlights from the debate.

Governor Matt Blunt used his line-item veto power to eliminate more than two hundred thousand dollars in Alzheimer's research funding from the state budget.

Support for the override was bi-partisan.

Democratic Representative Judy Baker made the motion to override the veto.

The more than two thousand dollars the governor vetoed was seed money that public and private universities use to secure large grants.

The governor's spokesman Spence Jackson says the governor vetoed the money because it wasn't going directly to research.

But Republican Representative Bob Johnson has a different perspective.

He says that money benefits taxpayers directly.

Opposition to the veto override came from the chairman of the Budget Committee, Republican Representative Brad Lager.

Lager defended the governor's cut and urged lawmakers to trust the governor's decision to eliminate the two hundred thousand dollars for Alzheimer's research.

Lager's argument prevailed