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Lawmakers Try to Clarify Concealed Weapons Funding

Legislation designed to clarify funding for concealed weapons permits gained first round approval in the Missouri House. KSMU's Katie Hummel reports.

After Missouri's concealed weapons law took effect in 2003, a lawsuit put it on hold.

The suit alleged that county sheriffs were required to process and issue the permits but weren't given funding to cover their costs.

The Missouri Supreme Court agreed in its ruling last February.

To address this issue, lawmakers are considering a bill that makes it clear that sheriff's are allowed to use money from the permit fees to cover the cost of issuing the permit.

Representative Brian Munzlinger of Marion County is sponsoring the bill.

Munzlinger says this bill would help Missouri's sheriff's cover their costs while also issuing the permits as they're required to do under state law.

But other lawmakers have a different perspective.

Representative Mike Davis of St Louis says he's worried about how this bill would affect his district, where concealed weapon permits are NOT being issued.

Davis didn't get a clear answer to his question'

Now that the bill has first round House approval, it faces a final vote in the House before it can move to the Senate.