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Local Christian Organization Feeds 25th Million Meal in Nicaragua

If you currently are responsible for putting food on the table for someone else, you’re probably noticed a spike in food prices. Just image trying to feed 124 villages. KSMU’s Kristian Kriner reports on one local Christian organization that says its just served its 25th million meal in Nicaragua.
The non-profit organization, The Rainbow Network, was created in 1995 and now serves 50,000 people throughout Nicaragua.
Jim Oman is the vice president for development at The Rainbow Network.
He says on April 2nd, there will be a celebration to mark this milestone.
“We’re celebrating this milestone for us. You know, when you say 25 million it’s kind of hard to get your mind around that, but if you think about every little child or every woman whose got a young baby. It’s really been a lifeline for them. So, that’s what we’re really excited about,” Oman said.Oman says the network has set up nearly 200 schools, impacting nearly 8,000 students.
He says the network has staff members who live in Nicaragua and teach kids and adults how to become self-sufficient.
“We’d like to get out of the feeding business, but right now unfortunately with our economy the way it is, it trickles down. And so the saying goes if you have a cold in the United States, you have the flu in Nicaragua and that’s really true. So, there’s more people hungry today than there were two years, so I would like to see us maybe consolidate and move into some new areas,” Oman said.
Oman says Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in this hemisphere, so The Rainbow Network constantly needs donations to keep its work going.
“There’s no jobs in rural Nicaragua, so we’re trying to slowly help them create an economy, take care of one another, educate son they can really take their country into the future. Right now, we want to make sure that with this sort of global economic crisis that we don’t lose ground with the people that we’ve helped. That’s really the key. How do we keep them moving forward?” Oman said.
For more information on The Rainbow Network you can visit our website: www.ksmu.org.
For KSMU News, I’m Kristian Kriner.