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Local Democratic Delegate Looks Forward to First Visit at the DNC

Next week, Democratic delegates from all over Missouri head to Denver for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. KSMU's Brett Moser talked with one such delegate from southwest Missouri about her new experience to come.

Vicky Trippe says she's a life-long Democrat. Even when her full time teaching career kept her from getting involved as much as she would have liked, she was still loyal to the party.

However, Trippe's involvement will hit a new peak next week when she will attend the Democratic Nation Convention in Denver as a delegate from Missouri.

Trippe says she's looking forward to the convention for many reasons, but one in particular stands out.

When Trippe retired from teaching and started getting involved in politics. That was when John Kerry ran for President in 2004. Since then, she served as treasurer and volunteer coordinator of the Greene County Democratic Central Committee.

She says the nomination and election of delegates is a complicated process.

Trippe says her parents were farmers; depression-era democrats from Kansas. She says her childhood experiences in the Midwest helped shape her political outlook as well as her feelings about supporting Barack Obama for president.

For KSMU, I'm Brett Moser.