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Local Foundations Tackle 'Red Flag' Issues With Grants

A few weeks ago, a community focus report identified several “red flag” issues in Springfield that need some attention. Now, several organizations are going to give out grants to local non-profits to make sure those issues are addressed. KSMU’s Katie Easley has this report.

The bi-annual Community Focus Report is an effort among several local groups to highlight both positive and negative trends in the community. Now, the Community Foundation of the Ozarks is teaming up with several organizations to donate 325,000 dollars that will go towards non-profit agencies dealing with the current “red flag” issues. Dr. Gary Funk is the president of The Community Foundations of the Ozarks.

“What we’re doing is working with several other funders in the community to provide matching operational dollars for charities and organizations whose mission deals directly with problems related to access to health care, child abuse and neglect, and basic issues of food and shelter,” says Funk.

Funk says usually, grant money is given out to non-profits coming up with new programs, but this year is different.

“We just felt because of the economy this year and the real basic needs that so many people have that instead of having folks come up with new ideas, or invent new programs, that it was better for us to try to support their basic mission through helping them with their operational dollars,” says Funk.

Non-profits must apply for these grants by this Wednesday (October 14th). Each organization must pledge to raise 25 or 50 thousand dollars in a six month time span. Non-Profits chosen to receive the grant money will have their pledges doubled.

“Our hope is that through doing this that we will strengthen the efforts and operations of those important organizations that are meeting the needs of those in need,” says Funk.

Non profits interested in applying for one of these grants can find a link to the application on our website.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.

Community Foundation of The Ozarks