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Mountain Grove - 88.7
Joplin - 98.9
Neosho - 103.7
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Local Healthcare Networks Named Top 100


The Ozarks’ two largest healthcare networks are being listed as part of the top 100 integrated healthcare systems in the country. KSMU’s Chasity Mayes has more.

It’s not the first time that CoxHealth and St.John’s Health System have been recognized on SDI’s top 100 list. This is CoxHealth’s 6th consecutive year. St. John’s has been listed multiple years as well including 2007 and 2009, when they were number one.

SDI is the nation’s premiere integrated healthcare network rating system. The top 100 listing is based on things like integration, financial stability, and physicians.

This year, St. John's came in third on the nationwide listing while CoxHealth was number 48. CoxHealth’s position was up from last year’s ranking of 60th.

For KSMU News, I’m Chasity Mayes.