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Marideth Sisco Recaps Her Weekend in Los Angeles

The film “Winter’s Bone” didn’t win any of the four Oscars for which it was nominated. However, that hasn’t dampened the spirits of those who worked on the movie. Last week, we talked to Marideth Sisco from Los Angeles before the Oscars. Marideth appears in the movie “Winter’s Bone” and is featured on the soundtrack. Marideth and the rest of the cast and crew celebrated the achievements of this independent film that was shot here in Southwest Missouri. KSMU’s Missy Shelton caught up with Marideth this week and files this report.

Shelton: Marideth Sisco is on the phone with me from Los Angeles where she’s resting up after a big weekend of awards ceremonies. Marideth, when we spoke late last week, you were hoping to get a ticket to the Oscars. Did you end up getting a ticket?

Sisco: I did not. The tickets were in extremely short supply and we discussed it. There was one ticket I could’ve had but it would’ve left someone else out who really needed to be there and I just decided I wasn’t going to contest it. So, I was perfectly content. I spent the afternoon and evening with Debra Granik’s mother, child, and step-father and some other close friends around a big screen TV at a place they had rented out here for the duration. We all had a good time, we drank champagne at the right moment. We had good food and a comfortable seat and we were just as tickled as we could be. What can I say about this? There are no losers when you’re among the 10 best films of the year. So, we actually didn’t expect a win. We would’ve happily taken it, but it was really a pleasure to be there and be a part of it.

Shelton: You mentioned Debra Granik. For those who don’t know, Debra directed “Winter’s Bone.” But you did get a ticket to another awards ceremony. On Saturday, you were at the Independent Spirit Awards. Tell us about that.

Sisco: I sat at the table with all the rest of the people who were in the film. It was great fun seeing Dale Dickey win and John Hawkes. No one could’ve deserved it any more. As one paper put it, they swept the supporting actor category. Dale got it for supporting actress and John for supporting actor and we were just so proud of them. We’ve known all year that they did an outstanding job and we wanted to see them get some juice for that, and they certainly did.

Shelton: And based on our conversation last week, I know you were looking forward to reconnecting with the cast and crew, most of whom you hadn’t seen since they were here in the Ozarks shooting the film.

Sisco: We got to spend a good length of time with the people we worked with, renewing old acquaintances and friendships, seeing each other’s smiling faces. It was a very nice time. Michael McDonough, the cinematographer, was here from Scotland. That was the first time I’d seen him since we filmed, also the camera men. It was very nice to get reacquainted with those folks because they’re all such nice people. It’s a double blessing when you can work with people who are that professional and sterling human beings too.

Shelton: Anything else you want to share about your time in California?

Sisco: It’s green everywhere. All the produce in the markets is fresh. I went last week to a fruit stand where there were 22 varieties of everything—from beets and cabbages and tangerines, that were not only fresh but were picked right there on that place. That was such a respite from winter. I was thrilled. I can attest that spring is coming because it’s already here and is headed that way. It won’t be long now.

Shelton: Marideth, it’s always a pleasure to visit with you. And safe travels back to Missouri.

Sisco: Thank you. I’m taking the train back so it’s going to be another adventure. I love traveling on trains, so I’m going to be going back to the 1940’s so it will be great.

Shelton: I’ve been speaking with Marideth Sisco. She joined me by phone from Los Angeles.