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McCaskill: If Sequestration Occurs, Congress Should See a Reduction in Pay

The Senator from Missouri is filing a bill to reduce Congressional salaries if federal furloughs go into effect
Senator Claire McCaskill
Senator Claire McCaskill-D of Missouri (Photo credit: official photo of McCaskill's office)

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri says she's planning to introduce a bill that would cut pay for members of Congress if federal employees are furloughed because of the so-called “sequestration,” or across-the-board spending cuts. KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson reports.

The bill calls for a reduction in Congressional salaries once federal furloughs begin.

As the sequestration goes into effect, many federal workers are expected to be subject to furloughs because Congress and the White House did not reach an agreement on a deficit reduction plan.

In a release, McCaskill said she’s introducing the legislation with fellow Democrat Bill Nelson of Florida.She said in that release that, quote, “there’s absolutely no reason members of Congress should exempt themselves.”

The sequestration was supposed to be so unattractive an option, that it would prompt Congress to act in order to avoid it. However, Congress has not found a solution, so the cuts will affect public schools, national parks, border patrol, the military and other federally funded programs.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Davidson.