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Medicaid Recipients Rally Against Proposed Cuts

Around 400 people rallied in the capitol today against proposed cuts to the Medicaid program. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Disabled citizens and their personal care attendants rallied at the state capitol against legislation that would end Medicaid and replace it with a program that's smaller and less costly.

Tens of thousands of people would be impacted.

Richard Blakely is the Director of the Disabled Citizens' Alliance for Independence...He led the rally.

Missouri's Governor Matt Blunt says the state can't afford the current Medicaid program.

At a press conference after the rally, Blunt had this message for those who came to the capitol.

But not all Republican lawmakers agree with Blunt.

Republican Senator Kevin Engler joined the rally.

He told the group of Medicaid recipients that there are better options.

But Governor Matt Blunt says he doesn't support raising taxes to fund programs like Medicaid.

But less than two weeks ago, Governor Matt Blunt endorsed a plan that lets cities and counties ask voters for a sales tax increase to fund economic development projects.

Some Medicaid recipients say the governor has the wrong priorities.

Darlene Burrows is a quadriplegic who's been on Medicaid for 2 years.

Legislation that changes the number of people eligible for Medicaid and the services offered through the program has gained Senate approval and now goes to the House.