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Missouri Begins Soil Preservation Projects

New funding to reduce soil erosion and improve water quality is now available for landowners in parts of Southwest Missouri.

KSMU's, Ryan Farmer, has more to report on this story.

The Finley Watershed is an area that stretches over 172,000 acres and 6 counties in Southwest Missouri.

This area is rich with minerals, vegetation, streams and rivers. It's also home to many farms.

But the threat of abandoned wells, sinkholes, and septic problems has put this area's soil and water in danger.

The Christian County Soil and Water Conservation District has received a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for projects designed to improve farmland within the watershed.

Project manager, Justin Jenkins explains why this should be important to landowners.

Justin Jenkins: "There's only so much water. It's not an unlimited resource. We as responsible landowners, not only should look at that or view that as something to take care of for our own sake, but for the general public. Because the water that runs through your place doesn't necessarily stop there."

Jenkins also says that the project to eliminate soil erosion and poor water quality in the Ozarks will be for a greater good.

Justin Jenkins: "We hope that will make a larger impact on the streams that are around the Finley river, and then hopefully make an impact on the Finley river and ultimately farther down the line. All that water runs to Table Rock and then on to the Mississippi."

Jenkins says his goal is to get as many people involved in the project as possible to help insure better soil and water quality for all.

Information on the project is available by calling the Christian County Soil and Water Conservation District at (417)-581-2719. We also have a link to more information on our website: KSMU dot org.

For KSMU news, I'm Ryan Farmer


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