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Missouri Dairy Farmers Seek Emergency Relief


Missouri dairy farmers are earning less than half of what they received a year ago for their milk, but their production costs continue to rise. This has created a financial crisis for dairy producers across Missouri, and has led the Missouri Dairy Association to ask Governor Nixon for emergency relief. KSMU’s Adam Murphy reports.

The Missouri Dairy Association is seeking $16.5 million in one-time relief funds from Nixon for dairy products made between January and June. The relief money would come from federal stimulus funds. Dave Drennan is the executive director of the Missouri Dairy Association.

“We know that one dairy cow equals almost $14,000 in economic activity. That’s for everything, the milk she produces, the products made from the milk, and everybody that helps in that process. We thought that this was a way that the governor and the state of Missouri can stimulate the economy,” Drennan said.

Drennan says this emergency relief money would help those dollars move throughout the state, including to many Springfield businesses involved in dairy production. He says the dairy industry desperately needs the money to keep afloat.

The Governor cannot make any allocations for this emergency relief without approval from the General Assembly. The Missouri Dairy Association’s website is missouridairy.org. For KSMU News, I’m Adam Murphy.

A Holstein cow grazes in a field at the the Southwest Research Center in Mt. Vernon, Missouri (Photo credit: Sam Senovich)