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Missouri gets failing grade for tobacco prevention

The American Lung Association give Missouri a failing grade for tobacco prevention and control. Mike Smith has the story.

In a report released this month, the American Lung Association gives Missouri mostly failing grades for its efforts to fight the harmful effects of tobacco. Jo Thompson is the Regional Director of the American Lung Association. She says the A.L.A. has given Missouri a failing grade in appropriating money for tobacco control and prevention, and the promotion of smoke free air in places where the public gathers. But Thompson says the state has raised its grade from a C to a B in restricting access to Missouri 's youth.

Missouri spends about 30 million dollars less on tobacco prevention than the Centers for Disease Control recommended minimum state spending requirement. In addition, the state has not dedicated any of the money received from the national tobacco settlement agreement to prevention and control. Thompson says currently, local decision making is driving the states efforts to reduce the harmful effects of second hand smoke.

Reporting for KSMU News, I'm Mike Smith.