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Missouri State Installs Energy Efficient Lights

Missouri State University has received a $22,300 grant from City Utilities to fund the purchase of new light sensors.

This grant is part of a City Utilities program designed to encourage energy efficiency in the area.

KSMU's Erika Brame has more.

Missouri State will install about 120 light sensors in the restrooms, laundry rooms, computer labs, and study areas of its residence halls.

Jennifer Cox is the director of Facilities and Operations for Residence Life at Missouri State.

She says until now, a lot of energy has gone to waste due to lights that stay on 24/7.

"I actually drive in on Cherry Street and look up at Hutchins house at the laundry room which is on the 8th floor and it's always lit up! And think about how much energy we waste in that space."

Cox says the light sensors will be activated by motion.

"So when you approach the restroom it will be dark in there and as soon as you open the door the lights go on. And there on a timer so if there's not any activity in the room for about 15 minutes then it will automatically turn itself off."

Cox estimates the light sensors will save the university about 75- hundred dollars per year.

For KSMU News I'm Erika Brame.