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Missouri State Pride Band Honors Veteran’s Week

TAPS Project
Dr. John Prescott performs the first notes of TAps last year. /Credit: Missouri State University Alumni Site

60 trumpet players will be positioned across the Missouri State campus Friday morning. Each one will be escorted by a member of the Military Science program, awaiting the eleventh toll of the bell tower. One trumpet will then sound, playing the first notes of the musical piece, Taps. After every three notes, another player will begin, creating a cascading effect over the campus. Jerry Hoover is the band director at Missouri State University.

“I think they take it very seriously. They want to play well, and they know that when each one starts they’re essentially playing as a soloist on it,” Hoover said.

This year’s focus of Veterans Week is the soldiers lost in the Civil War, and the unique position of Missouri, as the citizens were split on both sides.

Prior to Taps, a small Civil War band will play at 10:30am on the steps of McDonald Arena. Shortly after, the Pride Band will perform the National Anthem and then take their positions for the 11:00am TAPS Project.

For KSMU News, I’m Anna Thomas.