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Missouri State University Faculty Senate Endorses Benefits for Household Non-Employees

The Missouri State University Faculty Senate voted Thursday to endorse a report from a task force that recommends extending benefits to so-called household non-employees. KSMU’s Matt Evans has more.

Just what is a household non-employee? Well, a precise definition of that term has yet to be determined. Still, after some deliberation and discussion, the faculty senate almost unanimously endorsed a report that recommends giving benefits to household non-employees. There were only two audible nay votes. Music Professor Jeremy Chesman is chair of the ad-hoc faculty task force that wrote the recommendations.

“This was originally passed in the end of October and we’ve been working over the past couple months to put together this report on household non-employee benefits.”

The task force reviewed policies of household non-employee benefits at benchmark universities and recommended a total of ten suggestions to the faculty senate. Among the suggestions were letting these individuals and their children buy into the university health care plan, having human resources change all mentions of "spouse" in its documents to "spouse or other qualified household non-employee," and letting employees buy life insurance for household non-employees and their children.

Although the faculty senate endorsed these suggestions, Missouri State Board of Governors Chair Brain Hammons was quoted in the Springfield News-Leader this week as saying quote-“It’s not going to fly” because “state policies are against it.”

When asked about the "state policies," Chesman said he could find no law or regulation opposing the proposed recommendations of the task force.

You can find the full report on household non-employee benefits at www.missouristate.edu/facultysenate

For KSMU News, I’m Matt Evans.