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Missouri Transportation Commissioners Halt Adding New Road Projects Due To Falling Revenue

Credit (Missouri Dept. of Transportation/via Flickr)

Transportation commissioners in Missouri have halted adding any new projects to its five-year construction budget, and have suspended the state’s cost-share program for quickly building road projects.

MoDOT officials say the decisions were necessary because of falling revenues, which they blame in part on the rising cost of materials and failure to raise the state’s fuel tax. 

Transportation Chairman Joe Carmichael says as a result, their focus will shift to road and bridge maintenance only:

“When we put a project in that pipeline, we’re saying to our fellow citizens ‘that project will get done’…it would be irresponsible to make that promise when we don’t know that we have the money.”

Also, MoDOT Director Dave Nichols says by 2017, they expect to only have $325 million for road and bridge construction, which is $160 million less than the current maintenance cost.