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Missourians Warned of Heat-Related Illness

With the official start os summer, Missourians are being warned of heat-related dangers. KSMU's Benajmin Fry reports.

Summer's here, and that means that heat and humidity could soon be a problem in the Show-Me State.

Before the temperatures climb higher, Governor Matt Blunt is reminding Missourians to take precautions against heat-related illness.

As part of Summer Weather Safety Week, he urges that we also keep a look out for those more susceptible to the effects of high temperatures, including the elderly and chronically ill.

These people tend to perspire less and are more likely to take medications that impair the body's response to heat.

Young children are also sensitive to heat as they rely on adults to regulate the temperature and provide enough liquid.

There are two main types of heat related illness: heat exhaustion and the more serious heat stroke.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, paleness, weakness, and musclue cramps.

Warning signs to look out for in heat stroke are red and hot skin that isn't sweating, rapid pulse, confusion, and unconsciousness.

If someone you're with is experiencing these symptoms, call for medical assistance and cool the person rapidly using methods such as immersion in cool water.

You should also monitor their body temperature and continue cooling efforts until it drops to 101 degrees.

Last year, 34 Missourians died due to heat-related causes.

Three were children younger that 5 and 18 were older than 65.

For KSMU news, I'm Benjamin Fry.


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