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Missouri's Disease Management Program Lowers Health Care Costs

Missouri's Disease Management Program helps patients with chronic diseases have better health care. KSMU's Christy Henrdricks reports.

The Disease Management Program of Missouri's Division of Medical Services helps lower health care costs of patients with chronic conditions.

George Oestreich is the Director of the pharmacy program for the Division of Medical Services.

He says the Disease Management Program teaches patients with chronic diseases to better cope with their conditions.

Oestreich says the program began about 15 months ago.

He says patients with asthma, diabetes, heart failure and depression are eligible to be in the program.

Oestreich says the program saves a significant amount of money while patients receive better coordinated health care.

George Oestreich says about 12-hundred Missouri Medicaid recipients are involved in the program, but it has the capacity for ten-thousand patients.

For more information about the Disease Management Program call 573-751-3425.