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Mo. Senate Strips Gun Theft Reporting Amendment From Nullification Bill

Mo Capitol at night
Mo. Capitol/Credit: Marshall Griffin, St. Louis Public Radio

The Missouri Senate has stripped an amendment from the gun control nullification bill that would have required a 72-hour reporting period for stolen firearms. 

As Marshall Griffin tells us, the move comes days after the National Rifle Association announced its opposition to the bill because of the amendment:

Last week, the NRA issued a statement saying that the amendment would have created a, quote, “de facto” gun owner registry in Missouri. 

Democrat Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis, the amendment’s sponsor, argued that it would save lives and that the language did not contain any criminal penalties.  But Senate President Pro-tem Tom Dempsey says it could have left victims of gun theft open to lawsuits:

“An individual who lawfully owned a firearm, who had one stole, would have potentially been civilly liable for not reporting that.”

After the language was stripped out, the Senate approved the nullification bill again on a voice vote.  In Jefferson City I’m Marshall Griffin, St. Louis Public Radio and the Beacon.

The bill needs one more vote by the full Senate before moving to the Missouri House.