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MO Supreme Court Rules For Collective Bargaining for Public Employees

The MO Supreme Court has overturned a 60-year legal precedent, and that has spawned mixed feelings. Michele Skalicky reports.

Governor Blunt is denouncing a MO Supreme Court ruling that recognizes the right of public employees to engage in collective bargaining.

The Republican governor calls Tuesday's 5 to 2 decision "a terrible ruling" that could force citis and school districts to raise taxes. Blunt says it also opens the door to possible strikes by public-sector employees.

The Supreme Court ruled in a case brought by labor unions in the Independence School District. The decision overturned a 60-year-old court precedent.

Ray Smith, president of the Springfield NEA, says the decision will benefit teachers and students.

MO has more than 68,000 teachers in 524 public school districts. Altogether, the dept. of Economic development says MO has more than 390,000 public-sector employees who could get expanded collective bargaining power under the ruling.