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Montessori School Now Open in Springfield

A new Montessori school is up and running in Springfield. KSMU’s Ryan Welch went there and has this report.

[Sound: Teacher with child]

That’s the sound of learning for one preschooler at the new Discovery Garden Montessori School. The school is the only place in Springfield a child can get a Montessori education, and up until just recently, no such place existed in the area.

The goal of a Montessori school is to fully educate children, while developing their love for learning.

Michelle Clayton, head of the school, says she would love for more students to come join her new school. She says that getting people to know more about the school is one of her biggest challenges, but that she believes in the distinctiveness of a Montessori education.

“All the lessons are taught very hands-on with the materials. And so, children concretely learn the different subjects through hands-on involvement. Instead of being told, they’re involved in their education,” she said.

One of the objectives of the school is to help children develop a sense of independent thinking and learning.

“Often times, each of the students is working on their own works in the classroom. And teachers will teach lessons individually or with a few students at a time, based on what that student’s needs are at that time,” Clayton said.

The school is currently teaching children 16 months old through Kindergarten. But Clayton says she intends to add elementary education as the children develop.

For KSMU News, I’m Ryan Welch.