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MSU Men's Basketball Coach Could Possibly Lose His Job

Missouri State Men's Basketball Coach, Barry Hinson says he will continue to try to lead the team to victory despite talk that he could possibly be fired at the end of the season. KSMU's Kristian Kriner reports.

The Men's Basketball team is 11 and 12 overall and if they continue to lose, then Hinson's job might be at risk.

The team has a third of the season left and the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament to play.

Hinson has been the Bears Basketball coach for nine seasons.

Coach Hinson says because the team has had several injuries and illnesses, they have only played 6 out of 23 games with all their starting players.

Hinson also says even though there is talk about losing his job, he's not going to quit.

"I have a contract with Missouri State University. I have a contract to be the head basketball coach and that's what I intend to do. I intend to continue to coach. I'm not going to quit. I'm not going to quit on our fans that still want to support us and I'm certainly not going to quit on those young men that are in that locker room that come out each day and practice so hard for me," Hinson said.

Hinson says he will not let this issue distract his players from being positive, doing their best, and having fun.

Hinson says he wants his team to give him their best effort and he will do the same.

Missouri State President Mike Nietzel and Athletic Director Bill Rowe have said they will not evaluate Hinson's coaching job until the end of the season.

For KSMU, I'm Kristian Kriner.