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MSU Search Committee Invites Presidential Candidates to Campus

It’s been almost six months since Dr. Michael Nietzel announced he would be resigning as President of Missouri State University. In the past few months, a 15-member search committee has been deliberating over several candidates to find the perfect match for the position. Starting next week, four candidates will begin visiting MSU campuses. KSMU’s Royal Yates has more about the process the committee will go through as they press on to find the new president.

Missouri State University’s presidential search committee has received 88 nominations for the tenth president of the school. Out of those 88 nominees, 32 actually applied and forwarded their resumes to the committee. Since the final applications were received March 30, the committee has slowly been whittling the list down. In mid-April the list of candidates was down to 14, and just last week the committee condensed the list to seven.

The final seven candidates were interviewed last weekend and four final candidates were selected. Originally there were only supposed to be three finalists for the position, but Mike Duggan, a member of MSU’s Board of Governors, said four candidates were found to be the most qualified.

“We would be doing the Board of Governors and the rest of the campus an injustice by not providing all four candidates in the finals,” he said.

During a conference call in mid-March, a team member from William Funk & Associates – the search firm that was hired to find the new president – said the percentage of quality candidates who applied for the presidency at MSU was higher than average. Duggan said the University was very proud of the wide range of applications it received.

“Well, we felt very good about the quality of applicants that we had. It was a very diverse group. There were military generals, there were judges, there were business people, and of course a very strong contingent of educators that included chancellors, sitting presidents, provosts, and deans.”

After the four candidates tour the MSU campuses and go through the interview process, the Board of Governors will vote on May 13 to decide who will be the next president.

After the vote is taken, the board will create a contract and move the president elect and his/her family to Springfield. The committee expects to announce who the new president will be by June 1.

For KSMU News, I’m Royal Yates.