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MSU Senior Forming New Health, Fitness Organization

A group of MSU students is trying to start a new program that will help other young people improve their health.  They hope the MSU fitness Group will be available for the fall semester.  KSMU’s Scott Butler reports.

James Ritter is a senior at Missouri State and already runs the “Springfield Fitness Group,” a free exercise program that has been open since December.

Ritter wants to create a new group called “MSU Fitness Group” for Missouri State students, which may help recruit more into his other organization.  Ritter hopes that this group will provide more than just better health.

“I’m hoping to provide a way to transition off into something after they graduate.   They could hopefully go ahead join up the Springfield Fitness Group and continue to be active after college,” said Ritter. 

As a health and wellness major at Missouri State, Ritter’s biggest focus is promoting community health.  Springfield Fitness Group has 75 members and about a dozen of them get together several times a week to participate in exercise sessions.  Ritter hopes the MSU Fitness Group will be just as active for students.

“With the MSU Fitness Group, one of the reasons I wanted to create that is that students were kind of skeptical about joining some organization not affiliated with the college.  Maybe they would be more apt to join since it would be an official Student Government Association recognized campus club,” he said.

 To join the MSU Fitness Group, you must be a student or staff member and you can email James Ritter at his Missouri State email address.  To join the Springfield Fitness Group, you can go to meetup.com.

 For KSMU News, I’m Scott Butler.