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MSU Stadium Light Post Crashes To Ground

Fallen Light

On Tuesday afternoon, a large tower of stadium lights at Missouri State’s football stadium plummeted into the street and onto campus sidewalks. KSMU’s Matt Evans went to the scene of the accident and files this report.

Reporter: “I’m standing right now on the other side of the caution tape where a light tower on the northwest corner of Robert W. Plaster Sports Complex fell this afternoon injuring no one.”

“We heard some funny noise and we turned around this light tower was falling!”

Neosha Mackey is the Dean of Library Services at Missouri State University. She had just finished her daily exercise class at the Plaster Sports Complex and was leaving with some friends when the light tower fell no more than 30 feet away from her.

“It was very frightening and we were all very lucky that no one was hurt,” said Mackey.

Mackey said two of her classmates were close to where the tower fell, but were able to get out of the way before the tower hit the ground.

Bob Eckels is the Facilities Director at the University.

He said the northwest tower that holds the lights to illuminate the football field failed at the base and fell to the northwest.

There were no injuries when the tower collapsed. During the fall or spring semester, the area would have likely been full of students going to class.

Structural engineers are looking at the base of the fallen tower to determine what caused it to collapse. The engineers will also perform tests on the bases of the other towers.

For KSMU News, I’m Matt Evans.

Robert W. Plaster Sports Complex stands in the background sans one tower of lights. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Fortunately no one was hurt in the fall. The light fell on a popular thoroughfare on campus during the school year. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Workers quickly barricaded the area to ensure no one would get hurt. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) University staff surveys the damage. (photo credit: James Mulvenon)