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MSU Student Starts Headbands for Hope for Cancer Patients

Student donates one headband per headband sold
Headbands for Hope
Headbands for Hope promises to donate one headband to a cancer patient per headband sold. Photo credit: Ziegler Photography

A hobby turned business by a Missouri State University Student now seeks to serve cancer patients. KSMU’s Kaitlyn Schwers has more on Headbands for Hope.

Per headband sold, Headbands for Hope promises to donate one headband to a cancer patient. It’s a similar business model to TOMS Shoes, which Emily Couture, the owner, studied this semester at MSU. She started Headbands for Hope during the fall and now hopes to sell 50 headbands, which she makes herself.

“I just started making headbands and selling them on the side, and then I got contacted from an old friend of mine from junior high and she told me that she wanted to buy some because her little sister just had a brain tumor that they found and they had to remove that. I decided to just donate a few headbands to her and then I got the idea; ‘Why can’t I do this on a bigger scale?’,” Couture explains.

Couture says she hopes to donate more in the near future, and she is close to meeting her goal.

“Eventually, once I hit the first goal which is 50 headbands sold, I’m going to go to different places, like the Ronald McDonald House or just different hospitals, and donate in big groups so that many people can get them at once.”

The headbands are custom made so that people can decide colors, styles, fabrics, and charms. Couture also explains that the headbands are thick and adjustable so that it doesn’t chafe the skin.

“I want people to just feel comfortable with who they are no matter what, even if they do lose their hair.”

All headbands are $20 and include free shipping if purchased online. For more information, visit HeadbandsforHope.biz.

For KSMU News, I’m Kaitlyn Schwers.