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MSU Taking Part in “The Next Big Thing” in Social Media

A screenshot of what the app looks like [photo credit: Briana Simmons]

Drew Halliday, University of Missouri graduate, founded the social media app to create a new and safer way for people to meet each other and share content.

Erodr launched on June 30, 2012 and since has grown very quickly.

Missouri State is one of about 20 schools to begin participating in the newest networking app. MSU has about 1500 “rodies”, Erodr users, on its campus.

Jordan Hohl is a senior hospitality major and campus representative for Erodr.

His journey with Erodr began while working in downtown Springfield at a local nightclub. In hopes of promoting his job, he contacted Erodr and eventually met the app’s creator, Halliday.

“He’s was awesome. He’s very inspired and passionate about the app he designed. He’s working twice as hard as anybody else if not harder,” Hohl said.

So how does it work?

Erodr is an open forum where you can post to other students on campus. The app is only for current college students and you must have a .edu address to join.

It all begins with your profile. A new “rodie” must fill it out completely before posting. It limits you to up to five pictures in your profile.

Your settings make it safe and easy to create a post. The program allows you to control the audience, range, and duration of your posts. You can choose to post to specific groups of people or send and receive private messages to your connections.

“It’s a really good way of meeting people… if you post something and we hadn’t met before and I see it on there and you’re just right here next to me on campus it’s a different way of meeting people and getting the word out in that area,” Hohl said.

However long your posts last on the app also depends on the likes and dislikes it receives. Likes extend the life of a post and dislikes erode it, hence the name Erodr. Likes and comments are private to you.

According to erodr.com, posts exist only on the app and are not archived by Erodr.

For KSMU News, I’m Briana Simmons.