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MU Extension Councils Across Southwest Missouri Accepting Nominations

MU Extension Council members are generally elected to county positions in January; application form found online
Hay bale
Training and education in the areas of agriculture and livestock are key in the MU Extension in southwest Missouri. (Photo credit: timo_w2s via Flickr)

If you’re interested in volunteering but not sure what to hang your hat on, you might consider serving as a council member for the MU Extension.  As KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson reports, counties in southwest Missouri are accepting nominations.

The duties of an MU Extension Council member vary from county to county—those duties can include planning local programs, hiring in the local extension office, and managing the budget.

Council members take the interests and needs of local people and link that to resources that come along with a land-grant university like the University of Missouri.

Anyone interested in signing up as a candidate can call the MU Extension in their home county. MU Extension Council members are elected by the public, and most counties in this area hold elections the third week in January.  The MU Extension councils are mandated by state law.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Davidson.


The telephone numbers for county extension offices include Barry County, (417) 847-3161; Barton County, (417) 682-3579; Cedar County, (417) 276-3313; Christian County, (417) 581-3558; Dade County, (417) 637-2112; Dallas County, (417) 345-7551; Greene County, (417) 881-8909; Hickory County, (417) 745-6767; Jasper County, (417) 358-2158; Lawrence County, (417) 466-3102; McDonald County, (417) 223-4775; Newton County, (417) 455-9500; Polk County, (417) 326-4916; Stone County, (417) 357-6812; Taney County: (417) 546-4431  ; and Webster County: (417) 859-2044.

The Greene County Extension Center has an informational brochure about the requirements of serving on an extension council and a nomination form under the “plans and reports” link on the Greene County website: http://extension.missouri.edu/greene.

A brochure explaining the roles of an Extension council can be found at http://extension.missouri.edu/greene/documents/council/Council-nomination-brochure.pdf

A nomination form is available at http://extension.missouri.edu/greene/documents/council/ConsentForNomination.pdf