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National Audio Theatre Festival returns to West Plains

The West Plains Civic Center will host the National Audio Theatre Festival's annual Audio Theatre Workshop June 20-25. A special live performance at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 25, caps the week of dramatic audio skills training and features the talents and skills of both attendees and the instructor-performers. Missouri Master Folk Artist and storyteller Gladys Coggswell, along with award-winning voice actors Barbara Rosenblat and Richard Allen will perform with the workshop participants in three modern audioplays live on the Civic Center stage: "The Escape" by William Wells Brown, a tale of slave escape and freedom in the Old South; "Road Angels" by Steve Donofrio, about a trio of anthropomorphized vultures; and "Langston Speaks," a blend of Langston Hugues poetry and Charles Lewis's jazz; Lewis will be on hand for the week both as instructor and performer. The show will be broadcast live on KKDY 102.5 and streamed online. Tickets for the live performance are $5 adults, $2.50 for senior citizens and kids age 13 and under. For ticket information call the MSU-West Plains University/Community Programs office at (417) 255-7966 or visit www.natf.org.