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New Field House to Showcase Cave Discoveries

Scientists working in Riverbluff Cave in Greene County will soon have a new place to do their work as they continue exploring the oldest Ice Age cave in North America. KSMU's Missy Shelton recently explored Riverbluff Cave with the cave's lead scientist Matt Forir. She files this report

Dressed in camouflage and perched on rocks in the front room of the cave, naturalist Matt Forir beams as he looks into the depths of Riverbluff Cave.

He was the first person to explore the cave after its discovery in 2001 and has become the lead scientist on the project.

Since its discovery, Riverbluff Cave has proven to be a storehouse of bone and animal remains from thousands of years ago.

Scientists have uncovered bones from mammoths, horses and pigs.

But recently, Forir and his team of scientists discovered something much smaller.

And all that new stuff will soon have a new home