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New Sporting Events to Bring Economic Boost to Area

Over 50 sporting events will be coming to the Springfield and Greene County area this year. KSMU’s Justin Lux was at a press conference hosted by Springfield-Greene County Parks and Recreation and files this report.

As the Springfield-Greene County area continues to become a premier destination for sporting events, the region will begin gearing up for a record setting year.

According to Parks and Recreation director Jodie Adams, the area plans to host 52 total events, marking this the highest total in the Parks and Recreation history and bringing a significant financial boost to the region.

“Don’t underestimate what this is bringing to our community when you look at this and you will see that there are several millions of dollars here that come into our community when we host these events,” she says.

Ten new events are coming to the region. Among them is the Missouri Valley Conference Softball Tournament at Killian Sports Complex, as well as several competitive tennis tournaments at the Cooper Sports Complex.

Returning to Springfield will be the National Christian Homeschool Association Basketball Championships, bringing 360 teams from 30 states to the southwest Missouri region. Lance Kettering, the Executive Director for the Springfield Sports Commission, says the economic impact of the tournament is invaluable.

“Eight to ten-thousand people that travel to Springfield, they stay for a week and conservative numbers are that that’s a $3.4 million economic impact for our community,” says Kettering.

Also beginning to take shape is the new family center and aquatics facility at Doling Park. The plan is to break ground this August as the second phase of development gets underway.

Fundraising for another important community project is continuing right on schedule as well. The Miracle Field is a specially equipped baseball and softball field that will allow children with physical challenges to experience the joy of playing the game without fear of injury.

For KSMU News, I’m Justin Lux.