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Nixon Issues State of Emergency; Salvation Army Opens as a Shelter

The Salvation Army on Chestnut Expressway in Springfield has beds, food and blankets for people needing shelter
Salvation Army
The Salvation Army in Springfield is open Thursday and Thursday night as a shelter from the cold. (Photo credit: KSMU)

Governor Jay Nixon has issued a state of emergency in response to the treacherous winter weather, and the Salvation Army on Kansas Expressway in Springfield is operating as a temporary shelter. KSMU's Jennifer Davidson has details.

The governor has activated the state’s emergency plan, which allows state agencies to work directly with county and city emergency responders.

Drivers in southern Missouri are seeing mostly sleet and freezing rain, while the northern part of the state is expected to see heavy snowfall.

Some rural postal carriers are having trouble navigating country roads slick with ice.

About 40 people are staying at The Salvation Army in Springfield, which provides beds, blankets, and food for families in need.

According to a release from The Salvation Army, the organization's Emergency Cold Weather Shelter has now served a record 200 people so far this winter. It will remain open Thursday and Thursday night.

Audrey Esther, a spokeswoman for The Salvation Army, told KSMU that the organization is also on standby to shelter and feed up to 200 people, in case the disaster becomes more widespread or severe. 

Also, the Salvation Army's Community Center is providing child care Thursday to students enrolled in The Salvation Army's After-School program and whose school has been cancelled.
For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Davidson.