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Nixon: New ‘Bright Flight’ Scholarship Deal for Students Who Stay, Work in Missouri

(Photo credit: Wikimedia.org)

Missouri’s Bright Flight scholarship has been around for years; this “boost” in the scholarship would offer students an additional $5,000 per year if they agree to work in Missouri after graduating.

To be eligible for the Bright Flight Boost, as Nixon is calling it, students must be Missouri residents and US citizens or permanent US residents, and have an ACT or SAT score in the top three percent across Missouri.

According to the governor’s office, Bright Flight Boost will give recipients the option of an additional $5,000 award each year, if they commit to staying and working full-time in Missouri for each year they received the additional “boost” in scholarship.

If the graduate pursues employment outside of Missouri before his or her commitment is fulfilled, they would have to pay the remaining award back to the state.

“Making sure a college education is affordable continues to be a top priority of my administration,” Nixon said in a release. “Through targeted investments like Bright Flight Boost, we will help more Missouri families send their kids to college and more students start their careers without a heavy burden of debt.”

Nixon made the announcement at a college preperatory school in Kansas City Monday.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Davidson.