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Only 3 Out Of 8 Gyms Contacted By KSMU Have Equipment For The Disabled

KSMU recently contacted eight gyms in the Springfield area to see if they had exercise equipment for disabled individuals.

Only 3 of those we contacted had equipment specifically for people with disabilities KSMU's Joe Morgan has the story.

St. John's Fitness Center is one gym in Springfield that offers special equipment for people with disabilities. The Center's director Belinda Mercer took me on a tour.

Mercer explains how St. John's accommodates people with disabilities and describes the most popular piece of equipment.

Many of the gyms we contacted couldn't give a specific reason as to why they didn't have special equipment for disabled people. Jacque Coleman, Manager of Curves explains why her gym doesn't have such equipment.

St. John's Fitness Center Director Belinda Mercer says that all their machines can be used by people regardless of whether or not they have a disability. But certain equipment is more accessible to the disabled. She describes a few of those machines.

Mercer says that it's important not to forget about the disabled because they have a need to stay healthy and fit as well. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.