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Opponents Of Photo ID Dominate State Senate Hearing On Bill

Election Vote Here Sign

A Missouri Senate committee heard testimony Monday on the latest effort by Republicans to require voters to show photo identification at the polls.

The proposal would require Missouri voters to show one of the following types of photo I-D: a current Missouri driver’s license, non-driver’s license I-D, or photo I-D’s from the Missouri National Guard, U-S Armed Forces, Department of Veterans Affairs, or any other U-S or Missouri non-expired photo I-D. 

It’s sponsored by GOP Senator Will Kraus of Lee’s Summit.

“You have to have an I-D to cash a check, you have to have an I-D to buy alcohol, we can’t go anywhere today without an I-D…I believe that this is not that big of a problem.”

The Secretary of State’s office testified in opposition, saying it could disenfranchise around 220-thousand Missouri voters.

The proposal comes in two parts, a proposed constitutional amendment to allow for photo I-D’s, followed by the implementing bill.