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Over 300 Malnourished, Injured Animals Removed From SW Missouri Property

Hundreds of injured and malnourished animals were removed yesterday from a southwest Missouri property in a case officials are saying was a hoarding operation on a grand scale. KSMU's Jennifer Moore reports.

The Humane Society of Missouri began removing over 300 animals from an 80-acre property near Pleasant Hope Tuesday morning. That's about 20 miles north of Springfield.

Agency officials say the animals were hoarded and bred and left in filthy conditions without adequate food, water or shelter.

Over seventy dogs were among the menagerie, which also included cats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, donkeys, horses, goats and exotic birds.

Investigators also found more than a dozen carcasses.

Jean Jae of the Humane Society of Missouri says the owners were given several warning leading up to the removal.

Jae was present when officials began removing the animals, and says the property contained several mobile home structures in which people and animals were living together.

The horses will recover at a ranch in Union, Missouri, and the dogs, cats and other small animals will be treated at the Humane Society of Missouri's headquarters in St. Louis.

A custody hearing is set for Sept. 2nd.

At least one person has been arrested in connection to the discovery, which officials are deeming as a hoarding operation on a grand scale.

For KSMU News, I'm Jennifer Moore.

Humane Society officials say those people in southwest Missouri interested in adopting any of the rescued animals once they have recovered can begin by going to its website, hsmo.org.


  • Humane Society of Missouri