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The Ozark Empire Fair is back in town

Corn dogs, prize winning cows and carnival rides in north Springfield can mean only one thing...The Ozark Empire Fair is back! Mike Smith has the story.

With the theme "Come Out and Play!", the Ozark Empire Fair is in full swing at the fairgrounds in north Springfield.

2005 marks the 69th year visitors have enjoyed the farm, food, and fun at the fair.

For many fair goers, corn dogs and carnival rides are what the fair is all about, but for Mary Quinn, the Exhibits Director at the the Ozark Empire Fair, the event is an opportunity to show off produce, photography, baked goods, and quilts. She says she can find a competition venue at the fair for just about anything anyone can make.

Quinn has served as Director of Exhibits for 20 years andsays it's fun to see some of the children she was first aquainted with then, grown up with kids of their own now.

She says the Ozark Empire Fair serves to re-inforce the curtural heritage of the Ozarks through its attention to agriculture at each years event.

The Ozark empire Fair continues through August 7th.

For information: www.ozarkempirefair.com

For KSMU NEws, I'm Mike Smith.