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Ozark Greenways Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

As spring comes, it’s fun to get outdoors and walk on area trails. Ozark Greenways offers people in Southwest Missouri a chance to do that. The organization has been working on trail projects for years and will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the group's annual meeting April 3rd at Galloway Station. KSMU's Xiaowen Tan reports.

Ozark Greenways is a non-profit group of private citizens who work to preserve and enhance the Ozarks' natural trails for public use and enjoyment. Lori Tack, program coordinator for Ozark Greenways, says the organization has had some major accomplishments over the last 20 years. “One thing I’m particularly proud of is how Ozark Greenways has grown to include the promotion of the ‘on street bike route’ system. We got a Bronze medal for being a bicycle friendly community last year”, she said.Tack says right now, the group is working on two new trails: One is the Jordan Creek Greenway and the other is the South Dry Sac Greenway. She says Ozark Greenways wants to see the trail system in and around Springfield grow.“Just continue to work on a comprehensive greenway trail system that will connect, sort like a green bow all around Springfield”, she said. The 20th anniversary celebration and annual meeting will be held at Galloway Station on Sunday, April 3rd. Tack says the meeting and party are open to anyone who is interested in the organization and its goals. “Everybody is invited. We’ve got a goal to gain 200 new members in 2011. So this is an opportunity for everybody to come out, who might not know about Ozark Greenways, or maybe they know a little but want to know more getting involved”, she said.And she says there will be an opportunity to get out on the Galloway Creek Greenway on April 3rd. For more information, visit their website: www.ozarkgreenways.org.