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Ozarks Empire Fair Celebrates 75th Anniversary

The much anticipated annual Ozarks Empire Fair will be returning July 29thfor its 75thyear. KSMU’s Matthew Barnes has details. 

Good food, music and rides are staples of the Ozarks Empire Fair. With something to do for just about everyone in attendance, Elvin Dunn, General Manager for the Empire Fairgrounds, talks about the new things people can expect. 

“Frank Wade’s show will be bringing some new rides in.  One of the new rides he will bring is the mega drop. And he’ll be bringing back the big slide, water rides and some of the rides we’ve had for the last two years from wades shows.  Some new ground acts this year we will have down on one end of the fairgrounds, its Woody’s Menagerie.  It’s an educational wild life attraction that has lions, tigers and ligers, which is a cross between a lion and a tiger,” says Dunn.

Western comedy, livestock exhibits and bull riders will also be at the fair. Every day there will be different musical performances and acts to see. Dunn talks about some of the special events and attractions. 

“Everyday at the fair at 6:30pm will be the parade led by the Missouri State University Band and Jay Hoover. We’ll also have on the grounds this year a wedding chapel and a place where people can actually renew their wedding vows or actually get married. And in fact we have a wedding scheduled to take place at the fairgrounds this year,” says Dunn.  

The fair will start on July 29thand continue until the August 7that the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. 

For KSMU News, I’m Matthew Barnes.