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Ozarks Technical Community College Enrollment Grows at the Start of the Spring Semester

Ozarks Technical Community College's enrollment increases by seven percent.

As college students return for the spring semester, Ozarks Technical Community College has experienced another increase in enrollment. KSMU’s Brittany Donnellan reports.

 OTC reports its student enrollment has grown by seven percent across the college’s six locations. School officials are attributing this expansion to the college’s complete online Associates degree program. Right now, just over 4,000 students are enrolled in at least one online class.

 With this growth, however, Chancellor Hal Higdon says the college is facing some challenges in state funding when it comes to serving its students.

“Missouri is in the very bottom in the nation in higher-ed funding. If we don’t invest in our higher education institutions we will suffer down the road. You can spend a dollar now and invest or you can not spend it and you’ll lose much more than that down the road,” says Higdon.

 Higdon says OTC will continue to push for more support from the state so that it can better serve its community and surrounding areas.

For KSMU News, I’m Brittany Donnellan.